A Leader in the Direct Marketing Industry

At Graham Gibson Consulting, LLC (GGC) we pride ourselves in a solid track record of top performers. GGC has had over 2 dozen products do over $1,000,000.00 each in annual revenue just in the 2009 alone.

GGC is able is able to take your product ideas and help you to optimize every aspect from manufacturing to packaging to advertising. From concept to creation, creation to marketing, marketing to execution, GGC can do it all!

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"Make Your Product Be Known!"

You could have the best product since the "Snuggie" or the best website since "Facebook" but unless no one knows about it Guess What?? No one will buy it!

GGC can help you maximize your traffic results. Using the best in web analytics software GGC can help you to focus on the right demographic for your product. GGC are experts in SEO (search engine optimization) and internet visibility. Using the most popular search engines and media buying power titans GGC can get your website in front of millions of people a day!

Our clients #1 problem - Not having enough inventory to keep up with demand! Would you like to have this problem?


"You Are Standing on Buried Treasure!"

The reason why many companies come and go so quick in this industry is for #1 reason. They don't monetize! Every single aspect of your customer interaction should be capitalized upon.

  • List Management

  • Customer and Lead Management

  • Customer Follow-Up & Satisfaction

  • Cross-Sell/Up-sell Technologies

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